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    i’m Caddie

       wordt nu al dé hit binnen de golfwereld genoemd! 

       Een handig apparaatje in trendy kleuren dat met één druk  

      op de knop in gesproken tekst de afstand tot het centrum van de green doorgeeft en met twee klikken de slagafstand

(keuze uit 5 talen   waaronder Nederlands en Engels).  


I'm Caddie

wordt geleverd met een voorgeinstalleerde database van meer dan 24.000 golfbanen, wereldwijd, waaronder de meeste BENELUX banen. I'm Caddie werkt zonder abonnement en updates zijn gratis te downloaden.

129.50 euro incl. btw

i'm Caddie clipt makkelijk aan cap, tas of riem.


User guide i'm Caddie


i’mCaddie user guide.

Set Up

1. Recharge the battery Recharge the battery by connecting the USB cable to a computer or use the AC adapter. Red light – Charging, Green light – Fully Charged.


2. Selecting the distance in meter or yard. Press and hold (-) button for 2 seconds to select yard or meter. (Default: yard) Adjusting volume : Press the (+)/(-) buttons to adjust the volume up and down.


3. Selecting male/female voice (default: female) After you turn the power on, press and hold the main button for 2 seconds before it finds the satellite to switch between male/female voice. Once a voice selected, it will be the default voice.


1. Remaining Distance I’mCaddie will tell you the direct distance to the center of the green.

To find remaining distance, press the main button anywhere on the golf course. "Hole number XX, YYY meter."

Once you are near or on the green, you will hear: "You are near the green."


2. Shot Distance To measure your shot distance, press and hold the main button for 2 seconds from where you hit the ball. I’mCaddie will say "Measuring the shot distance." Press and hold the main button again from where the ball lands. I’mCaddie will tell you the shot distance and the distance to the green. You may use this function to measure the exact distance from near green to the hole. "The shot distance is xxx meters or yards. Hole number 1, 368 meters or yards."


3. Manual Hole Recognition and Hole Change


3.1 Manual Hole Recognition If I’mCaddie gives you the different hole information or if you start playing at a certain hole other than hole #1 or #10, press the main button and (-) button simultaneously on the tee box to perform hole recognition manually. (e.g) If you start playing at hole #7 for a shot gun tournament, press (-) button while press and holding the main button. I’mCaddie will say "Hole number 7 is selected."


3.2 Manual Hole Change Change the hole manually if I’mCaddie detects the different hole. While holding the main button, press the (+)/(-) buttons to scroll up and down to select the correct hole number. I’mCaddie will say "Hole number XX is selected."

In case of a double tee box or green, I’mCaddie may have to be manually adjusted to that tee box or green.

(e.g.) If you want to change the hole number 4 to 5, while press and holding the main button, press (-) button once. I’mCaddie will say "Hole number 5 is selected."


4. Golf Course Saving Mode If your desired golf course is not on the I’mCaddie database, you can input your own golf course. Please visit our website for detailed instructions.


5. Course Guide a. Press the main button twice to listen to the course guide.

b. I’mCaddie will provide 2 guides for each hole. One on the tee box and the other on the fairway. - Guide on the tee box : course layout, bunker, hazard, target, etc - Guide on the fairway : green layout, target

Beyond 100 yards/90 meters from the tee box will be considered as the fairway. Note: Frequent listening of the guide will consume the battery.


6. Language Change You can select your desired language (English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Korean, Chinese and Japanese) and also select your desired voice (male or female). After you turn the power on, press and hold the main button for 2 seconds before it finds the satellite to switch between male/female voice. Once a voice is selected, it will be the

default voice.


7. Battery

Battery Indication

Press the (+) and (-) button at same time to check the remaining battery life. "Remaining battery life is OO percent." I’mCaddie will automatically say "Low battery" when the remaining battery is less than 10%. Remaining battery life will be announced for 10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, 90%.


8. Changing Color Cover

I’mCaddie Tour comes with stylish color covers. These can be easily changed by clicking the front end. When mounting another cover, first make sure all 4 lips slide into the correct slots before pressing it down.



1. Please charge the battery fully before use.

2. Please allow some time for I'mCaddie to detect the golf course (about 2 minutes). Turn it on at the club house before you start playing.

3. For the best performance, we recommend to clip I’mCaddie on your cap.

4. I’mCaddie does not account for external conditions (wind, fairway condition, green elevation, etc).

5. Please avoid using I’mCaddie on rainy days.

6. Factory Limited Warranty : 1 year from the date of purchase (6 month for the battery and other contents)